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Brussels Friendly 50, on Friday, June 5, at Longchamp

Dear backgammon friends,

Brussels Friendly n°1 backgammon tournament took place in December 2010 in ‘Le Montmartre’. I remember the heavy snow and the crowded Café but nevertheless 12 participants gathered to enjoy the evening / night. Since then, BF has organized multiple events in Orée Tennis Hockey & Bridge Club (including the famous BF 10 champagne – tournament), in ‘the Chevalerie’ and for a while now, backgammon players are heading to Longchamp Tennis Club.

And now it’s up to :

Brussels Friendly 50

On Friday the 5th of June at Longchamp; see flyer [ EN | FR | NL ] (*.pdf).

At 16.15 hours : entertainment & education : Michel Lamote plays a 7-pointer against the rest of the world (including you). The best way to learn : every checker play or possible move, every cube decision will be instantly analysed by the computer (with thanks to Luc Palmans). Michel will give insights about his and our plays ; the other players will gather together to give their opinion with a captain throwing the dice and making a final decision. Open to all members and their invitees. Free drinks during this afternoon session !

At 18.45 hours : dinner.

At 19.45 hours : champagne tournament (10 bottles of champagne to win) – free for members of the Brussels Backgammon Club.

Please, preregister and BYOB (try to bring a board and a clock).

Hope to see you on Friday the 5th of June, Guy



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