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Brussels Friendly 11, February 3, 2012, at 20:00

Dear backgammonfriends,

May I invite you to the Brussels Friendly 11 backgammon tournament (main, consolation & last chance) on Friday the 3rd of February, 20:00 in Orée (see all info in included flyers below in English, French, Dutch).

Please BYBB (bring your backgammon board) and confirm your participation. We’ll tend to have a 32 player’s bracket… .

Note also on Friday 27 January (tomorrow !) at 19.45 (play starts at 20.15) in Leuven : day 1 of the Leuven Club Championship 2012 (info Backgammon Club Leuven ; Johan Segers +32 494 29 44 60 or

See you at these occasions with pleasure, Guy

Upcoming backgammon activities in the neighbourhood : you can play backgammon ‘live’ nearly every day ! See info

  • Every Tuesday : club evening in Ghent ; every Wednesday : club evening in Hasselt ; every Thursday : club evening in Bruges
  • Sunday 29 January in Rotterdam : Superzondag (info Ed Baars +31 (0) 653 57 91 64 or
  • Sunday 12 February in Amsterdam : Amstergammon (info Nardy Pillards +31 (0) 652 663 616 or
  • Friday 2 March 2012 : Brussels Friendly 12

Flyers BF 11:

Backgammon Brussels Friendly 11 ENG

Backgammon Brussels Friendly 11 FR

Backgammon Brussels Friendly 11 NL


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Ten Bottles of Champagne Proves Insufficient at Brussels Friendly 10

Brussels Friendly 1st anniversary (edition 10) was a spectacular success. Friends from the Netherlands (Susan VAN DER HEIJDEN, Jean & Michael LEWICKI, Nardy PILLARDS) joined in as a warm-up for the Masters next day and enjoyed the ‘Filet de boeuf bourguignon’ & ‘Dame blanche’ accompagnied with a bottle of ‘Château Mont-Rose’ : the Royal Orée Tennis-, Hockey- & Bridge Club was ready for an inforgettable evening. New faces (Hans ARTELS, Dirk LAUREYSSENS, Jean-Louis MARCHAND – owner of a chess and backgammon shop in Brussels -, Alex SCHRAGER, Michel ROLIN & Sabrina VASTAPANE) came for the first time to see the opening ceremony before the official start of the tournament. Well deserved presents to Johan SEGERS – main initiator to encourage backgammon in Brussels -, Nardy Pillards – creator of the Brussels Friendly name – & Zsolt TASNADI – only participant having played them all. In turn, the Backgammon Club Leuven thanked Guy VAN MIDDELEM for his enthousiasm to maintain dynamic organisations in Brussels. And then it was time for serious business.

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Brussels Friendly 10 : invitation

Dear backgammonfriends,

May I invite you to a special happening for the 1st anniversary of the Brussels Friendly backgammon tournament (main, consolation & last chance), n°10, on Friday the 13th of January (see all info in included flyers in English, French, Dutch).

At that occasion, the participation will be 5,- € as usual but with price money doubled and free invitation for all the players who have played at least once in Brussels Friendly 1 to 9. (Ex. if 24 players, 1st prize = 72,- € (winner of the main) ; 2nd prize = 60,- € (runner-up in the main) ; 3rd prize = 48,- € (winner of the consolation) ; 4th prize = 36,- € (runner-up of the consolation) ; 5th prize = 24,- € (winner of the last chance).

Also some special prizes for the less fortunate : 10 mini-bottles of champagne for the first 10 players to throw 6-6 from the bar against a 1-point board (the 6-point – of course) ! If you’re very, very unlucky, you can win them all !

Please BYBB (bring your backgammon board) and confirm your participation. We’ll tend to have a 32 player’s bracket… .

See you with pleasure, Guy

Backgammon Brussels Friendly 10 ENG

Backgammon Brussels Friendly 10 FR

Backgammon Brussels Friendly 10 NL

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