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Brussels Friendly 20: Biggest Bottle of Champagne for Henri Pollet

Brussels Friendly 20 on Friday, December 7, 2012, in Orée. 16 participants.

Dancing with a double 6 from the bar against a one-point board granted the victim a mini-bottle of champagne, offered by Guy. In addition, three (normal) bottles of champagne were sponsored by Akbar Soltani (not present) and Johan for the winners of the main, consolation and last chance.


  • Main (5-point matches): 1. Henri Pollet, 2. Marius Hentea
  • Consolation (3-point matches): 3. Guy Van Middelem, 4. Geert Dooms
  • Last Chance (1-point matches): 5. Sassan Kachanian, 6. Johan Segers
  • Unranked: Manuel Baptista, Rudy Bertels, Paul Destrait, Selim Haddad, Christof Nuyttens, Maurits Pino, Michel Rolin, Alex Schrager, Zsolt Tasnadi, Sabrina Vastapane




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