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Brussels Friendly 25 needs 3 headlines

1. Happy Birthday, Luc.

For the special occasion of his 1/2 century, Luc PALMANS gratified the participants with some drinks and canapés, amuse-bouches & zakuskis during the evening. He thanked also organizers Johan & Guy with ‘Mondo bizzarro’, about the days when the backgammon scene was an elegant way of life… and offered Magriel’s ‘Backgammon’ to the winner. Many thanks, Luc !

2. Bloody slugfest in Orée.

The Royal Orée Tennis Hockey Bridge Club welcomed us at the bar / on the terrace. After an enjoyable meal, the duels started at 08.00 PM with 14 players. Take a look at these first round results in the Main (matches to 5) : Sabrina VASTAPANE (ranking 1496) wins over Toon VAN HERREWEGHEN (multiple winner & ranked 4th) ; Michel ROLIN (1427) upsets Alain CHIF (14th) ; Peter ALLEMEERSCH (one of 3 newcomers, organizer in Brugge, 1485) beats Bert VAN KERCKHOVE (organizer in Ghent, 4th) ; Alex SCHRAGER (1479) had no mercy with our jubilee Luc (13th) ; Geert DOOMS (1439) emerged against Johan SEGERS (7th). Meanwhile, 2 other new faces, Line VANDAMME & Philippe BRAECKMAN drew each other and Line won. Organiser Guy VAN MIDDELEM (3rd) escaped in this 1st round only thanks to a ‘bye’ but he fell from grace when he lost to Line (1393) in the semi-finals.

3. First BF victory for Geert Dooms.

For its 11th participation (along with a 3rd and 4th place in the past), Geert beats all the way Johan, Alex & Peter to meet charming Line in a surprising final. Congrats to you, Geert ! Manuel BAPTISTA had a good run in the Consolation (matches to 3) but lost against Toon. Bert reached the final (winning against Claude RENARD, Michel, Sabrina) by taking revenge on Peter, only to lose to Guy. At 00.30 AM, Toon took the 5th price by winning the Last Chance tournament.

See you at Brussels Friendly 26 on Friday the 7th of June.


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