Patrick De Wilde 1st BF victory

Precisely 16 players gathered for the monthly BF 23 backgammon competition in The Chevalerie on Friday the 1st of March. A good number to organize a Main/Consolation/Last Chance tournament.

Toto welcomed us with a runny ‘omelette with herbes’ & ‘penne à l’arabiata’ and the competition started at 08 PM. No real upsets in the Main (matches to 5) : Alain CHIF, in stunning form in 2013, had good victories against tough opponents, organiser Guy VAN MIDDELEM, Toon VAN HERREWEGHEN and Johan SEGERS to reach the final. There he would meet Patrick DE WILDE, winner of Alex SCHRAGER, Akbar SOLTANI and Zsolt TASNADI. Patrick prevailed at the end to clinch his first BF win, offering instantly a round of Duvel or red wine. Some surprises in the Consolation tournament (matches to 3) : Alex beat Paul VAN DIJKE, Michel ROLIN showed newcomer Claude RENARD how to handle the cube in the bear-off and Manuel BAPTISTA won against Toon. This final would see Zsolt as winner against Johan. In the Last Chance (matches to 1), Sabrina VASTAPANE beat her husband Michel but lost a women’s affair against Annick HASDENTEUFEL. Manuel emerged to take the 5th prize.

See you at BF 24 on the 5th of April, Guy

BF 23 : 01/03/2013 ; 16 participants

Director : Guy Van Middelem

Main tournament : 1st : Patrick De Wilde ; 2nd Alain Chif

Consolation tournament : 3rd Zsolt Tasnadi ; 4th Johan Segers

Last Chance tournament : 5th Manuel Baptista ; 6th Akbar Soltani

Unranked : Annick Hasdenteufel, Fakri Salasi, Sabrina Vastapane, Sassan Kachanian, Claude Renard, Michel Rolin, Alex Schrager, Paul Van Dijke, Toon Van Herreweghen, Guy Van Middelem

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